Ab Fab Disco

The perfect mobile disco

for your private/corporate function or wedding

Ab Fab DiscoAb Fab Mobile Disco has all the music you need to keep your guests dancing all night. With a large selection from the present day charts and more than 2000 tracks dating back over six decades, it can provide a good mix of styles to suit all age groups.

Alternatively, Ab Fab Disco can theme your event to a certain era. Be it an 80s, 70s or 60s fancy dress party or even a wartime event, the right music is available to make your night a night to remember.

At weddings, brides and grooms often want to tailor their own disco to hear songs that bring back memories and mean a lot to them. Full playlists can be sent out prior to the reception for couples to make their choices.

Ab Fab Disco realises that its main function is to provide the correct music to suit its audience, so incomprehensible DJ mumblings over an inferior microphone are kept to an absolute minimum!


Ab Fab Disco can be booked on its own 
or as a package with Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra, Dr Jazz and/or Fortissimo