Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra - Nurses Conference
Majestic Hotel, Harrogate - Monday 4th November 2013

After playing a wartime set in a dusty, smoky barn at the end of a treacherous journey a couple of nights before, the band was glad to be back in the sumptuous surroundings of Harrogate's Majestic Hotel.

This event was part of a Urilogical Nurses conference no less....and boy, did they know how to party!

The dancefloor was packed from note one, mainly with the ladies it must be said, but one plucky fella fancied his chances and kept up with the girls throughout.

Majestic_4_Nov_13_3 (800x600).jpg

With a few kilts on show 'The Gay Gordons' was added to the second set. Mucho vino had been consumed by this time but, with so much medical knowhow in attendance, Mr Swing felt confident any resulting injuries could be dealt with efficiently enough.

And all this on a Monday night...Goodness only knows what this lot get up to on a weekend!

Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra - Caroline & Guy's wedding
Sexhow Park Farm, Hutton Rudby - Sat 26th Oct 2013

What a night! What a night we had!! This was one hell of a party.

The venue (scene of a summer solstice festival every year) was packed to the rafters with revellers hell bent on celebrating Caroline and Guy's big day.

This photo shows the bride being lifted aloft during a rousing rendition of 'Sweet Caroline' (what else!)


By the end of Mr Swing's performance health and safety had been hoofed into touch with party-goers surfing on tables and canoeing on each others shoulders to 'Hawaii 5-0'!

Mr Swing members also played the game 'How many people can we fit in a photo booth?' Answer: The whole band (but we can't all be in the picture!)


Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra - Battle Of Britain Ball
RAF Leeming - Friday 20th September 2013

Another great night at RAF Leeming! This is one of Mr Swing's favourite events and the band looks forward to it every year.

An added attraction this time around was a Spitfire dogfight simulator. Interesting to know that trombonists are best at playing 'war'!

All in all another great night with the dancefloor packed from start to finish.

North_East_Swing_Bands (800x600).jpg

Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra - Picnic Concert
Thorp Perrow Arboretum - Saturday 27th July 2013

This was Mr Swing's seventh year among the trees at Thorp Perrow and it proved to be the best yet. The glorious weather attracted so many people that the venue ran out of printed tickets a few days before the event!

Well over two hundred picnickers packed the lawn opposite the stage where they were royally entertained with swing band classics. Much Pimm's and wine was consumed until everyone was on their feet as darkness fell, dancing the night away.

This is just one section of the vast crowd....


Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra - Caroline & Jack's Wedding
The Old Lodge, Malton - Saturday 13th July 2013

There was a trans-Atlantic feel to this wedding as Jack's from the other side of the pond and many of his friends and family had made the trip over for the big day.

All the Ratpack favourites went down very well as you'd expect and Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra were joined on stage towards the end of the evening by Groomsman Patrick performing a terrific rendition of 'Sweet Caroline'.


Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra - Big Band Dance Night

De Grey Rooms, York - Saturday 4th May 2013

The first Big Band Dance Night of the year held at York's beautiful De Grey Rooms was a great success. The impressive Georgian ballroom was sold out with 120 dancers filling the floor from start to finish.


'Jean Harvey Dance' ran an hour's lesson beforehand for around 50 beginners who were keen to show off their new moves when Mr Swing's Dance Orchestra took to the stage.

De_Grey_Rooms_York_May_13_7 (800x452).jpg